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Study Guide Exam # 3 Chapters 16-19 For the exam, read all the chapters, review class slides and notes, and focus on the items listed in the study guide. Chapter 16 Writing Know the traditional tactics in PR writing – as reviewed in class and text- and identify and define each Know the four sections of a speech and the five characteristics of a speech Review the news release slides; three basic categories Know the 10 step writing process Fundamentals of writing – four parts Know the inverted pyramid style of writing What is a quote and attribution Writing for the Web – key points and principles, plus the three basic principles Know the types of biographies The goals of public relations writing The goals of writing Chapter 17 Integrated Marketing Communication Know the difference between marketing and public relations, text and class
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Unformatted text preview: Review the marketing mix as discussed in class Major areas of consumer communications – class and text Review the brand leaders, ranking by value, best brands What is a brand, what is its role? Know the key terms Cause related marketing, third party endorsement Image & Identity The key to IMC and define IMC Chapter 18 The Internet Define – intranet, extranet, RSS, Webisode, Wikis, Blogs, podcasting World Wide Web & Internet Review section on Investor Relations Chapter 19 Crisis Management Crisis, Issues management, Risk Communication, Crisis Communication Issues management five step process – text Crisis watchwords Goals of Crisis Management Business crisis, define and know causes Planning in a crisis – four planning issues Most crisis prone companies and industries...
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