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Study guide and sample questions-Fall 2009

Study guide and sample questions-Fall 2009 - 1 Final Exam...

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1 Final Exam Study Guide Psychology of Women Fall 2009 Exam Format: As mentioned in the syllabus, there are 75 multiple choice questions 60 questions will be from chapters 11-14 and 15 questions will be synthetic (including questions from Chapter 15 and course material previously discussed. The study guide is a DIRECT reflection of what will be on the final exam!! Exam questions will be organized by chapter (as reflected in the format below). The FINAL EXAM is Tuesday, December 8 th at 2:00pm. Chapter 11 Earnings Gap Explanations for gender disparities in employment (see notes for Chapter 11) Explanations of the Division of Family Labor Time Constraints Relative Power Gender Attitudes Women’s Experiences Balancing Family and Work (Concerns, Costs, Benefits) Effects of Mothers’ Employment on Children Effect of Wives’ Employment of Marital Relationships Solutions to Family-Work Balancing Difficulties (pg 360-364) The Family Medical Leave Act o What is the FMLA? o Who does it compare to? o How does the US compare to other countries? Other Resources Offered By Employers Supports from Others Chapter 12 Gender Bias in Health Care Physician-Patient Relationship Groups of Women that are Particularly Vulnerable to Health Care Issues Groups of Women who are more likely to be Uninsured Prominent Health Diseases/Disorders among Women (you will be expected to know about each disorder; prevalence among women; risk factors; psychological impact of disorder/disease; and treatments-refer to lecture notes AND textbook) Heart Disease Osteoporosis Breast Cancer S TI’s/HI o What is the most common STI?
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2 o Which ones are particularly high among teenagers? o Reasons why disproportionately affect women/girls? Chapter 13 When do gender differences in mental health become more apparent? What are some factors associated with women s mental health? (pg 416-417 in textbook) Prominent Issues in Women’s Mental Health Eating Disorders (Type of eating disorders; Causes of Eating Disorders; Reasons more women have eating disorders) Depression o Symptoms of Depression o Gender Differences in Rates of Depression (Why is it more common in Women vs. Men?) o Theories of Depression (pg. 428-429) Anxiety o Symptoms/What is it? o Incidence Rates among Women Substance Use o Gender Differences in Substance Use o Alcohol Use among Women (e.g., Risk factors) o Illegal Substances (pg 426) and Incidence o Issues with Treating Substance Use among Women Which mental illness has the highest fatality rate? Chapter 14 Correlates of Violence among Girls Types of Sexual Violence (know definitions and main statistics about each type) Sexual harassment o How many females report experiencing sexual harassment in school? At work? o Explanations for sexual harassment in the workplace i. Sex-role spillover ii. Power theory Threats Intimidation Rape/Sexual Assault Psychological Impact of Sexual Violence on Women/Girls Profile of Rapists (see lecture notes) Domestic Violence Components of Domestic Violence How common is Inter-Partner Violence
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Study guide and sample questions-Fall 2009 - 1 Final Exam...

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