Chapter 14--FINAL Lecture

Chapter 14--FINAL Lecture - Substance use Traditionally...

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12/3/2009 1 SUBSTANCE USE Substance use Traditionally, considered a male problem Led to inadequate and diagnosis of women Males report greater use of substances. .BUT Increase of use among women Women more likely to use over the counter prescription drugs Why might men report more substance use? Less acceptable for women to admit/discuss Substance use--Alcohol Alcohol most widely used substance among women Marijuana most widely used illicit drug-among young women Women more physiologically vulnerable to alcohol Risk factors—Complex interaction of factors Family members who has alcoholism More tolerant parents about alcohol Sexual abuse/trauma Divorced/Single women Heavy Drinkers Substance use Illegal substance use (e.g., cocaine, marijuana, heroin, hallucinogens, steroids) varies by race and ethnicity Native American women have the highest rates of substance use (followed by White, Latina, Black, and Asian American women) Particularly alcohol use Increase in anabolic steroid use among young women. Issues with treatment Women exhibit higher rates of comorbidity than men Exhibiting substance use disorders AND psychiatric disorder (e.g., depression) Double standard Ex: Alcohol—Heavy drinking more normal for men; women are criticized; Consequence—Women tend to hide or deny alcohol use Physicians give more info to males vs. females problem drinking behaviors (Liu et al., 1999) Treatment programs, such as AA, often criticized for generalizing models used with men to women VIOLENCE IN THE LIVES OF WOMEN AND GIRLS
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12/3/2009 2 Today Increasing violence in the lives of girls/women? Sexual Violence Sexual Harassment Sexual Assault/Rape Domestic Violence INCREASING VIOLENCE? Is Violence Increasing among Girls and Women? Traditional belief that women are less physically aggressive; BUT exhibit more relational aggression behaviors Some say girls have becoming more physically violent Ex: Alyssa Bustamante Ex: Juvenile Arrest rate trends 1994-2004 Boys decreased 22%; Girls increased 12% Aggravated assaults have increased about 10-12% over last 20% for girls. Self-report studies suggest increase in violence among young girls. Correlates of Violence Contextual risk factors ex: family problems; academic difficulties Studies have suggested that females present in the criminal justice system have relatively higher incidences of mental health issues Previous exposure to violence-Victimization, particularly as
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Chapter 14--FINAL Lecture - Substance use Traditionally...

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