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Mental Health--Part 2


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11/27/2009 1 F ACTS ABOUT EATING DISORDERS Anorexia-Anorexia---refusal to maintain a minimal normal weight, intense fear of gaining weight, a distorted body image, and amenorrhea 1 out of 4 women Bulimia recurrent episodes of uncontrolled binge eating, followed by purging activities aimed at controlling body weight 5% of adolescents; 6% of college-aged women Up to 40% who report symptoms of bulimia Eating disorders have the highest fatality rate of any mental illness Cognitive distortion: ―I ate pizza last night so I have to work out an extra 3 hours‖ Such cognitive distortions are signs of an unhealthy relationship with food C AUSES OF E ATING D ISORDERS Biological Factors Genetic Predisposition Twin studies (Increased likelihood if twin has it) Low levels of serotonin for anorexic and bulimics No sound biological data, though Cultural Factors Attempt to attain ―ideal of beauty‖ Media Influences Athletics incidence of disordered eating among female athletes is as high as 62%; Ex: gymnasts C AUSES OF E ATING DISORDERS Psychological Factors Low Self-Esteem; Higher Anxiety; Depression, Personality Characteristics; Family Problems overly nurturant and overprotective; undue emphasis on achievement/appearance Family More hostile, conflicted, and disorganized Teasing (from peers) Trauma Physical/Sexual abuse Treatment is a arduous process BUT is possible! Ex: Emily Now W HY WOMEN MORE THAN MEN ?
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