November 17-Physical Health cont'd

November 17-Physical Health cont'd - 11/19/2009...

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11/19/2009 1 Announcements Exam—graded, but not uploaded! Still deciding on number of extra points Will be uploaded TONIGHT!!! Writing Assignment 3 &4 (will count as 2 writing assignments) In 2-3 pages (double-spaced), describe how you envision balancing (or balance) work and family life. What are household roles you and your partner might share? What are your hopes for balancing family and work? Ex: Taking time off/Not taking time off Ex: Being a ―stay-at-home‖ mom OR dad Ex: Ideal workplace, etc. Women and Health Care Last Lecture Recap Gender Bias in Health Care Treatment Patient-Provider Interactions Vulnerable Populations and Health Care Profile of Uninsured Americans Heart Disease A normal heart Severely diseased heart
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11/19/2009 2 Heart Disease The #1 killer of American women, more than all forms of cancer combined. Risk Factors—are largely unchangeable while some are: Race and ethnicity: Death rate is higher for Black women Family history: Particularly if close family members have died from this disease Women with diabetes (co-morbid conditions) & High blood pressure Women and Heart Disease: Diagnosis Diagnosed later than men Physicians believe that women are less threatened by heart disease Less aggressive treatments (Carlson et al., 2004) Less likely to be advised to change behavior Less likely to receive certain medications Women wait longer to receive emergency procedures ―Mayo-Clinic‖—Diagnosis Tips Heart Disease What do you think are some risk factors that could be prevented? Diet & Nutrition (excess consumption of salty Cigarette Smoking: A high rate of young people smoke today, especially young women Increased consumptions of alcohol (studies have
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November 17-Physical Health cont'd - 11/19/2009...

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