Lecture--October 6th _Adulthood-Comparisons

Lecture--October 6th _Adulthood-Comparisons - 10/13/2009 1...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/13/2009 1 Announcements Reminder: Writing Assignment 1 due October 13 th Make sure you put your name on attendance sheet! EMERGING, MIDDLE, AND LATE ADULTHOOD Psychology of Women February 11, 2009 Avg. Marital Age by Country Marriage Divorce Divorce rate 1st marriage is 41% 2nd marriage is 60% 3 rd marriage is 71% Age of 1 st divorce; 31.8 (men); 29.4 (women) Divorce rate slightly higher in Bible Belt WHY? Younger marriage age Lower income/Less Education Couples with children have slightly lower divorce rate than those without children Adulthood: Making the Transition Is getting married still THE most important rite of passage for women? Is this just as important for men? Marriage and work psychological adjustment; parenthood greater stress Adulthood: Making the Transition Pregnancy/Childbirth 1960s avg. age 21; Now avg. age 24 Pressure to have children for women Mother mandate cultural belief that all women should have children Do you think every women should aspire to have children? Is it an impt. marker of being an adult woman? 10/13/2009 2 Middle Age/Midlife Transitions Between the ages 40-65 Biological changes Menopause often occurs Social changes Children leaving home Prime of Life alternative viewpoint Previously thought of as time of crisis; now time of growth, change, vibrancy Middle Adulthood: Health Issues Health issues often become more prominent Women are sicker, men die quicker. Women-Non-fatal diseases; Men-Fatal diseases Some rates have risen smoking; physical inactivity Women live longer Extra X-chromosome Higher estrogen level Social support Men less likely to seek medical treatment Midlife: Role Transitions Many transitions occur during this time Spousal...
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Lecture--October 6th _Adulthood-Comparisons - 10/13/2009 1...

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