Sept 3-Cultural Representations of Gender

Sept 3-Cultural Representations of Gender - Social Class...

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1 CULTURAL REPRESENTATIONS OF GENDER Dr. Shauna M. Cooper, Psychology of Women Sept. 3, 2008 Social Class Stereotypes Individuals more likely to attribute negative characteristics to lower SES individuals across gender Study: Stereotypes of “uneducated”, “laziness” and “irresponsibility” used more for low SES groups— compared to middle of upper class women. Example: Women on welfare; uneducated; poor Sexuality Stereotypes Sexual orientation and women: Stereotypes about women/men who are not heterosexual? Research shows that same-sex couples who are women, commonly experience stereotypes from heterosexuals regarding their gender roles in their relationships (Rathus, 2005) Research fact: same sex relationships among women rarely fit the butch-femme stereotype. Disability Stereotypes Women with disabilities: women who are physically disabled often face ableism. Ableism: defined as biases and stereotypes faced as a result of actual or perceived physical inability. Stereotypes not held widely Ex: Disabled women less likely perceived as “nurturers” Gender stereotypes: Why do we have them? Social categorization: we sort people into social categories to simplify the complex social world What’s the downside of our social categories? Downside of Social Categorization Our stereotype of a person in that category is often wrong. The probability of a trait being true in general for a group is not the same as the probability that it is true for an individual The less information we have, the more likely we are to use our categories (to stereotype). People often don’t fit into one category.
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Sept 3-Cultural Representations of Gender - Social Class...

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