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Study Guide 3 2010 - ANTH 101 Spring 2010 Final...

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ANTH 101 Spring 2010 Final Comprehensive Exam Study Guide Test-taking strategies: Given that you attended classes and sections throughout the semester, to prepare for the final exam consult the Vocabulary List for Parts I, II, and III, and the Study Guide for part II. Especially review this final third of the semester, since our last test. Study your previous tests and online worksheets. Re-take the online practice quizzes to test yourself. If you missed a question on any of the above, look up the correct answer and write it out. About half of the final exam will be on just the final third of the course, but half will be comprehensive. The comprehensive section will revisit questions and issues covered in the first two tests, although the exact same questions are unlikely. The comprehensive portion of the final exam is likely to focus on the major points one would hope to gain from a course like this. It will also assume that you learned the vocabulary throughout the semester. Major Points You Should Have Learned : 1. What is the scientific method? 2. What is anthropology and what do anthropologists do?
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Study Guide 3 2010 - ANTH 101 Spring 2010 Final...

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