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STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS, PART II Spring 2009 Big questions about hypotheses or theories: NOTE: two of these will be given as a choice for an essay question on the test – you will choose which of the 2 to answer. 1. Briefly explain the Expensive Tissue Hypothesis. How is this hypothesis related to the evolution of the genus Homo and to the fossil and artifactual evidence? 2. What is the Theory of Plate Tectonics, and what does it have to do with primate evolution? 3. Briefly summarize various factors or influences that may have contributed to the development of bipedalism. Be sure to make the link with a hypothesized savanna environment. 4. What is the Visual Predation Theory and what does it theorize about? 5. What is the Radiator Theory and what does it theorize about? 6. Explain the Theory of Evolution vs the idea of Natural Selection. Questions about evolution 1. The earliest undisputed primates are found by when (epoch and year)? What size were they, what lifestyle? 2. What was the relationship between the earliest primates and dinosaurs? 3. List, in order from oldest to more recent, the epochs of the Cenozoic Era. 4. What happened 65 mya? 5. What problems make it difficult to classify the Miocene apes and figure out which might be human ancestors? 6. Which Miocene-aged fossil is so far our best candidate for a hominoid ancestor? 7. When do we think the earliest hominid arose? When is there a fossil gap? 8. What is the first feature that distinguishes the beginning of the hominid lineage? By when does it appear, based on what? What is the earliest genus and species with this feature? 9. Why was the Piltdown fraud accepted as genuine for so long? 10. What anatomical changes accompany bipedalism?
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