Vocabulary List Part 2 2010

Vocabulary List Part 2 2010 - Occipital torus Oldowan...

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Vocabulary List: Words, Phrases, and Concepts to know Part 2, ANTH 101 Acheulian Anthropoid Arboreal Basicranium Bipedalism Blade Brow ridge Continental drift Core Cranial (vs postcranial) Deciduous teeth (vs permanent teeth) Dental arcade Dental eruption Diaphysis/diaphyses Diastema Diurnal Endocast Epiphyseal closure Epiphysis/ephiphyses Evolution Expensive Tissue Hypothesis Fayum, Egypt First Family Flake Foramen magnum Fossil gap Genus (singular), genera (plural) Gondwanaland Gracile Hammerstone Herbivorous Holocene Hominid Hominid radiation Hominoid Insectivorous Knuckle-walking Laurasia Levallois Locomotion Lucy Mastoid process mya 1
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Natural selection Nocturnal Nuchal crest
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Unformatted text preview: Occipital torus Oldowan Paleodemography Paleolithic Paleopathology Pangaea Pebble chopper Piltdown Hoax Plate tectonics Pleistocene Postcranial Postorbital constriction Prehensile Prognathism Prosimian Pubic symphasis Quadrupedal Quaternary Period Radiation (adaptive radiation) Radiator Theory Rafting Robust Sagittal crest Sagittal keel Sexual dimorphism Skull suture closure Species (either singular or plural depending on context) Taphonomy Taxonomy Terminal Miocene Event Tertiary Period Vertical clinging and leaping Visual Predation Theory Y-5 cusp pattern Zygomatic arch 2...
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Vocabulary List Part 2 2010 - Occipital torus Oldowan...

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