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3538.GradeSheet.P1.Fall2011 - correct that associations are...

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Grade Sheet – Program 1 COP 3538, Data Structures with OOP Fall2011 Name: ____________________________ Source Code – 20 points Indentation and alignment. Scrutinized very closely. Internal comments – need Javadoc for each method and certainly each class Scope terminators. Big on this. End of fors, whiles, nested structures, classes, methods…any closing brace… Overall program structure Should have three or four classes. Program Design – 30 points Appropriateness of the objects and their services provided Interface to objects Attribute and method visibility Methods that process the data should be in the same object as the data. The use of ‘static’ for anything will be closely scrutinized! You may use static variables / static methods for counters and perhaps for I/O in the Main class, although a fourth class for I/O would be better. UML – 15/30 points Correctness, associations, completeness. This means that the classes you identify are
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Unformatted text preview: correct, that associations are indicated, and that the attributes and methods are documented within the classes. We will look for visibility indicators; format of UML statements (return type st (not Java)) pg. 254. Include associations. . Pseudo-Code – 15/30 points Include your pseudo-code for your collection class. This is really your main class and should include the array definitions and the methods that access the arrays of objects. Javadoc – 10 points Appropriateness and completeness of comments Must generate Javadoc in prescribed manner. If done incorrectly, will not have the same number of artifacts in the dist folder. Outputs – 40 points Accuracy and Format Skip lines in between displayed numbers for readability. Include headers / descriptors as you may feel appropriate. Compliance with the Specifications!! Program must run correctly to receive a passing grade. Start early and do this a little at a time....
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