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Grade Sheet for Program 3 Name: ________________________ Grade: ________________________ Source Code – 20 points. Points earned: ________________________ Indentation Internal comments Scope terminators Overall program documentation. Program Design – 20 points. Points earned: ____________________ Your design must reflect good object-oriented design as we have discussed over and over. Objects are to contain the methods that operate on the data they contain as much as possible. Ensure your UML design reflects these classes and their methods. UML – (10 points) – no excuse to not have this wonderful at this time too. Correctness, associations, completeness. This means that the classes you identify are correct, that associations are indicated, and that the attributes and methods are documented within the classes. Pseudo-Code – (10 points). There are plenty of examples that you have had access to.
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Unformatted text preview: Provide the pseudo-code for your Linked List class – or whatever class you define first and last in as instance variables that point to the linked list. Javadoc – 10 points - no excuse to not have this wonderful this time! Appropriateness and completeness of comments ALL methods must have Javadoc comments up front that are meaningful, please. Outputs – 40 points Accuracy and Format. All functionality present! Skip lines in between displayed numbers for readability . Include headers / descriptors as you may feel appropriate, but they need to be respectable by my standards. . Program must run correctly to receive a passing grade and to receive at least partial credits above. If the program does not successfully run to end of job and contain all required functionality, it is not considered ‘correct.’...
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