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Lab Assignment #1 CEN 6016 Software Engineering 1 Introduction to RTC Go to: Will need a userid and password… Get an account. CLM = Collaborative Lifecycle Management From home page, you can select CLM 2011 is here, Sandbox Trials, JazzHub, Free RTC developer licenses, and call for articles. As you select each of the four options on the left, to the right there is a small green ‘breadcrumb’ to take you to that particular topic’s information. Check out the first three for sure. Also from the home page, check out (large icons across the bottom) the first three icons: Investigate Rational Team Concert Rational Quality Manager Rational Requirements Composer Check out The Sandbox. On home page, see menu on top. Under development, select Sandbox. See JazzHub for free, public hosting powered by Rational Team Concert. Go to: topic=/
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Unformatted text preview: This is a tutorial. (Note the left frame options) Your lab assignment is to familiarize yourselves with these links above and to take the tutorial. The tutorial, as advertised, will take a few hours. There are many key concepts in here, among which are ‘work items.’ I will be taking the tutorial too, so if you have questions, ask me. If I cannot answer, I will get the answer. I will ask you to share your experiences in class: problems, insights gathered, and your opinions. You are to write up your thoughts. NO rigorous format at this time. A Word document will do. As a team, your deliverable to me in the Word document, not individually done. Report due: 9/28 Once your project prospectus is approved by me, we can start to use RTC. Some of the other items above (Sandbox, Jazzhub, etc.) will be additional lab work. I will find out about hosting our project....
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