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Geometry H/K Using Parallel Lines Name:_ Period [. Iii the picture below /»//* . You will use this picture for problems #1-9. I Name all interior angles. J? . ," / 1. Name all pairs of alternate interior angles. 4. Name all pairs of alternate exterior angles. _ 4/87 " f t j/^ S 5. Name all pairs of corresponding angles. 6. Name all pairs of same side exterior angles, _
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Ifm^6 = 50°.then mZ4 = S. !fm^8 = 75°.then mZ2 = mZ3 = 9. IfmZl = 120°. then II. Refer to the given figure in which a If b and c II d. Find the measure of the indicated angle. 13. m J ^11'=49'' m^7 =_ f5. m^12=64" m^7=_ ill. In the diagram m tt n. Find all of the angle measures. 19. * 18. IV. If a lib, solve for x. = 97"...
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