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1. NUMERICAL ALGORITHM AND PROGRAMMING IN Mathcad 3 To enter code in Mathcad , (1) First enter the function name with arguments list and assignment operator :=, with sequence of typing, mySolver(f,a,N,tol): (2) Click the Add Line button or press ] to get a vertical bar and two (you should add more by press ] several times). (3) enter x and hold [Shift] type ] to get the local assignment or click on the programming toolbar, at the type a. Notice x a reads as ”assign a to x.” (4) Click for on the programming menu or [Shift][Ctrl][’] to get for in after for enter i , in after , enter ”1;N”, and in under for, press left bracket ] to get a vertical line and several . (5) To get if operator, you need either click on the toolbar or press [Shift][Ctrl][ ] ]. you will get if enter condition in after if and other statements in before if . (6) To get return operator, you need either click on the toolbar or press [Shift][Ctrl][ ], you get return in type any information you want to return. After defining a function, we call it with concrete input data, as
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Unformatted text preview: shown in the screen shot, that call the mySolver function to find zero for both f ( x ) = x 2-1 , with initial guess x = 2 and g ( t ) = t 3-3 t 2-2 t, with initial guess t =-2 . Notice there is two ways to call a function, one way is to define all arguments before calling the function, another is to define some arguments and call the function with concrete values for the undefined arguments. As in all programming language, Mathcad allows you to call one function from within another. For example, we could create a function called myDerivative which will compute derivative of a given func-tion f ( x ) at a given number x and step size h > 0 using the forward difference formula: f ( s ) ≈ f ( x + h )-f ( x ) h . The following screen shot shows the call of myDerivative inside mySolver , Figure 2. Call another function...
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