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A&P1_MDC_RS1_1-5 - Chapter 1 The Human Body:An...

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Chapter 1 The Human Body:An Orientation An Overview of Anatomy and Physiology 1. Define anatomy and describe the nature of different topics in anatomy. 2. Define physiology and describe the main focus of physiology. 3. Describe the principle of complementarity of structure and function. How does it unite the disciplines of anatomy and physiology? Levels of Structural Organization 4. Name the different levels of structural organization and describe their relationships with each other. 5. List the organ systems of the body and the major structures within each system. Maintaining Life 6. Describe the importance of each of the necessary life functions. 7. Describe the survival needs for human life and discuss the importance of each. Homeostasis 8. Define homeostasis and list the components of a homeostatic control mechanism. 9. Distinguish between negative and positive feedback mechanisms. Describe the mechanics of each and their importance to the maintenance of homeostasis. The Language of Anatomy 10. Describe the body's position in anatomical position. 11. Define the directional terms as they relate to the human body. 12. Define the regional terms of the body. 13. Identify the body planes and how they relate to sectioning terms and techniques. 14. Describe the body cavities and their relationships to each other. 15. Describe the membranes of the ventral cavity and their relationships to each other, the body wall, and the organs they are associated with. 16. Define the abdominopelvic regions and quadrants and describe how they are used by professionals.
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2-Chemistry Comes Alive PART 1: BASIC CHEMISTRY Definition of Concepts: Matter and Energy 1. Define matter and energy. Differentiate between potential energy and kinetic energy. 2. Describe the major forms of energy.
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A&P1_MDC_RS1_1-5 - Chapter 1 The Human Body:An...

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