A&P_RS_2_rev2-22 - 5-The Integumentary SystemThe Skin1)...

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Unformatted text preview: 5-The Integumentary SystemThe Skin1) List the three major regions of the integumentary system.2) Describe the five cells and layers that make up the epidermis.3) . Discuss the two layers of the dermis.4) List the three pigments that contribute to skin color and identify their colors.Appendages of the Skin5) What is a skin appendage? List all types of skin appendages.6) Identify the different types of sweat glands and where they are found.7) Why do Apocrine sweat glands produce an unpleseant odor?Functions of the Integumentary System8)List the functions of the skin.Homeostatic Imbalances of Skin9) Define metastasize and benign.10) Name the characteristics of the three main types of skin cancer.11) How are skin lotions modified to fix DNA damage?12) List the ABCD rule for identifying melanoma.Chapter 6: Bones and Skeletal TissuesSkeletal Cartilages1.Describe the structure of cartilage.2.List the three types of skeletal cartilage, their functions, and locations....
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A&P_RS_2_rev2-22 - 5-The Integumentary SystemThe Skin1)...

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