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Department of Biology Miami Dade College BSC 2085 Ref# ______________ Time ______________ Days ______________ Room #_____________ Prof. Van Brakel Office Hours : Mon. -Thurs. Make appointment via [email protected] Emai l: [email protected] Emergency or appointments only! [email protected] Course Number BSC2085 Course Title Anantomy and Physiology 1 Course Description : The structure function and systems of the human body, emphisizing those aspects most pertinent to students in the nursing and allied health technology programs. Textbook : Human Anatomy and Physiology with Interactive Physiology® 10-System Suite, 8/E Elaine N. Marieb , Holyoke Community College Katja Hoehn , Mount Royal College ISBN-10: 0805395911 ISBN-13: 9780805395914 Study Guide for Human Anatomy and Physiology, 8th Edition By Elaine N. Marieb, Katja Hoehn ISBN-10: 0-321-55873-1 ISBN-13: 978-0-321-55873-2 Materials : Flash Cards Post-it: o Index Tabs o Message and Arrow flags Coloring pencils
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Class Rules / Guidelines: 1. ABSENCES: Roll is taken at the beginning of every class meeting. It is your responsibility to attend class meetings and to arrive on time to be counted on the roll. NOTICE: IF YOU MISS MORE THAN THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ALLOWABLE ABSENCES, YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE CLASS BY THE INSTRUCTOR WITHOUT NOTICE. MIAMI DADE COLLEGE ALLOWS A MAXIMUM OF THREE ABSENCES. 2. CELL PHONES/PAGERS/TEXT MESSAGING : All cell phones, pagers or text messaging devices should be muted or turned off during class. Please do not answer your phone in class or repeatedly leave class to answer your phone/send a text message. You may be asked to leave by the instructor if you interrupt class. 3. IF YOU ARE DROPPED FROM THE CLASS : If you are dropped from this class by the instructor or for non-payment of student fees, you will no longer be allowed to attend the class. You will also not receive a grade for the class and the instructor will not accept your assignments, papers, or tests. If you are dropped from the class and wish to re-enroll, you must do so BEFORE YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO RETURN TO CLASS. You must provide proof of registration and payment of fees from the Registration Office before the instructor will let you attend the class. TO RECEIVE A GRADE IN THE CLASS, YOU MUST BE PROPERLY ENROLLED BY NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE TERM. 4. PLAGIARISM/CHEATING: Cheating is the deliberate act of receiving unfair assistance or help on a test or assignment or the submission of someone else’s work as your own. Should an instructor determine that a student has plagiarized or cheated on an assignment, you will receive a grade of zero for the work and not be allowed to make-up the grade. The student may also be referred to the Dean of Student’s Office for disciplinary action. 5.
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BSC2085_Syllabus - Department of Biology Miami Dade College...

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