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MAC1114 – FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET 1) You may bring ONE 3”x5” index card into the final exam with any formulas or definitions you want on it. 2) You may bring either a graphing calculator or a scientific calculator into the final exam. 3) The final exam will be cumulative and will be worth 20% of your grade. The exam will contain 20 – 25 open-ended questions similar to exams already given in class. 4) The best way to study for the final exam is: a) Go through your tests and quests and test review sheets and make a
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Unformatted text preview: list of topics and concepts you do not remember well or those which gave you trouble initially. b) Go redo homework problems from the areas that gave you trouble on your list. See the syllabus for the homework list. c) Redo your exams and quest problems. Focus on the material you do not know as well (about 75% of your study time) and focus on the material you do know pretty well about 25% of your study time....
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