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MAC1114 First Day Assignments 1) Print the syllabus on the course website at http://www.broward.edu/~jsiegel . From the main page, select the Trigonometry page from the Courses dropdown box. Go to “Course Info”, and you will see the syllabus. Read the entire document and email me at [email protected] with any questions. 2) Print the CoursePack: Go to the Trigonometry page on the course website as above, and go to the Handouts dropdown list. Select the CoursePack and print it. Bring the CoursePack to class each time we meet. 3) Check out the course website and see all the resources that are available to you! Check into the Smarthinking (under Course Resources on the Trigonometry page) and also go to www.interactmath.com and look at some trigonometry books. Our textbook is not there, but you can use another trigonometry book for extra practice throughout the course. 4) Get your textbook. Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry 12 ed. , by Swokowski and Cole, Thompson Brooks/Cole Publishers.
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Unformatted text preview: Note: If you cannot purchase your textbook right away due to financial reasons or you are waiting for your book to ship because you ordered it online, you can use the textbook in the Math Lab (2 nd floor of the Library – Building 17). However, you may not take it from there. Please do not fall behind because you do not have a textbook! 5) Get your calculator. You should have at least a scientific calculator for this course. A graphing calculator is optional. If you are purchasing a new calculator of either type, buy a Texas Instruments because they are the easiest to use. 6) Do the Algebra Review for Trigonometry. It is located on the cou rse website under “Handouts” on the Trigonometry page. The answers are attached and full solutions are available under “Solutions” on the Trigonometry page. This assignment is optional but highly recommended! 7) Start homework problems for Section 6.1. The homework assignment list is on the last page of the syllabus....
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