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MAC1114 - Siegel Practice Test #1 Directions: After you have reviewed all the material for this test (see Test #1 Review Sheet on the course website), put all notes away and give yourself 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete this test. Show all work as you would on a real test. Then, check your work against the solutions provided on the course website to see how you did. If this is not enough practice, make a similar practice test using problems from homework. Note: Studying just this practice test is not sufficient preparation for the test. You should review all notes and homework problems. 1) Draw 210 in standard position and then find one positive and one negative angle coterminal with the angle . 2) Convert the following: a) 6 7 to degrees: _________ b) 510 to radians: _________ 3) Express " 32 ' 19 46 as a decimal to the nearest ten-thousanth of a degree . 4) Suzie stands in the middle of a round skating rink and Pete stands on the edge 35 feet away from her. a.
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PracticeTest1 - MAC1114 - Siegel Practice Test #1...

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