PracticeTest4 - MAC1114 - Siegel Practice Test #4...

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MAC1114 - Siegel Practice Test #4 Directions: After you have reviewed all the material for this test (see Test #4 Review Sheet on the course website), put all notes away and give yourself 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete this test. Show all work as you would on a real test. Then, check your work against the solutions provided on the course website to see how you did. If this is not enough practice, make a similar practice test using problems from homework. Note: Studying just this practice test is not sufficient preparation for the test. You should review all notes and homework problems. 1) Solve the triangle ABC if 48 , b = 24 and c = 17. Explain with calculations if there will be one or two triangles. If there are two triangles, do not solve the second triangle. Drawing: Two-triangle explanation: 2) Suzie drives from the Apple Store to Banana Republic at a bearing of E N 41 for 3 hours at a speed of 50 miles per hour. She then drives from Banana Republic to Costco at a bearing of
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PracticeTest4 - MAC1114 - Siegel Practice Test #4...

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