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MCB 2010 MICROBIOLOGY INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Steven Obenauf PHONE: (954) 201-6323 email ( the best way to reach me ): sobenauf@broward.edu GENERAL INFORMATION: ATTENDANCE I do not REQUIRE attendance in lecture. However, given the amount of material covered at each session, I strongly RECOMMEND it. March 23 rd is the last day to withdraw or change from credit to audit. Before making any change, please be sure to speak to me and determine the effect of a W or AU(X) grade on your financial aid, immigration status, or other situations. New college and federal rules require faculty to withdraw students for non- attendance. TESTS There will be six scheduled quizzes. Each quiz will be on the material covered in the previous 2 - 3 lectures (see schedule on reverse side). Your lowest quiz score will be dropped, so that only 5 quizzes will be used in computing your final grade. The format of each quiz will consist mostly of multiple-choice questions and one or several essay-type questions. They may also include fill-in-the-blank questions. There will be 2 scheduled exams: a
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