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MCB 2010 MICROBIOLOGY Term 2 ‘2009-2010 Mon/Wed 12:30 – 1:45 Room 14-111 Dr. Obenauf LECTURE AND EXAM SCHEDULE* Jan 6 Introduction (History, Overview of Microbes) Jan 11 Introduction, Methods of Study Jan 13 Methods of Study, Microorganisms: Algae, Protozoans Jan 18 NO CLASS MARTIN LUTHER KING HOLIDAY Jan 20 QUIZ #1 (on Intro - Methods); Parasites, Fungi Jan 25 Microorganisms: Bacteria, Viruses Jan 27 Viruses, Bacterial Growth Feb 1 QUIZ #2 (on Microorganisms); Bacterial Growth, Metabolism Feb 3 Bacterial Metabolism , Bacterial Genetics Feb 8 Bacterial Genetics, Recombinant DNA Technology Feb 10 Epidemiology, Pathogenesis of Disease Feb 15 Pathogenesis of Disease, Microbial Control Methods Feb 17 QUIZ #3 (Metabolism - Pathogenesis); Antimicrobial Drugs Feb 22 Antimicrobial Drugs, Immunology: Introduction & Overview Feb 24 Immunology: Nonspecific Mechanisms , Specific Mechanisms Mar 1 Specific Immunology, Immune Disorders Mar 3 MIDTERM EXAM (Introduction Nonspecific Immunity)
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