FINAL - After WWII Us is the most powerful country in the...

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After WWII. Us is the most powerful country in the world. 2/3 all world gold reserve. 55% products world Over half world exports. Russian most planes but US most bomber core. Us sees their withdrawal from the world as what caused all of the problems. Want to create a new world order. Disfunctional world economy leads to all problems US should assert global power. Tension between Russia and the United States after WWII Problem is that Rus has their own sphere of influence Yugoslavia - not occupied but friend to Moscow. Need two cabinet positions to have power in gov. Minister of Defense and National Police Force. Interior. 777o9;. Yalta conference- they had agreed for free elections and friendly governemnts. Definitions are not the same thing for both sides. Rus thinks free elections mean only certain group can vote. Anf friendly mean communist and controlled. Soviet buffer zone natural for them cuz invaded before. Rus not like Europe and feel threatened by capitalist west. Czechoslovakia - fairly free elections with communist plurality less than 25%. Us see as good stability. Hopes can stay for a while. Stalin see as temp. (does it stay like this?) Common enemy gone with Russia, have the question of whether they can stay friendly like this. Only leverage US has is money which Russia badly needs for rebuilding. Potsdam Conference - July 1945. Truman little knowledge what is going on. Averall Harriman recommend quid pro quo to Truman. Molotov (Rus foreign advisor) visits Truman in 1945. Not go well at all. Two do not agree on anything. Conf end 2 nd week July, Truman delay cuz bomb test. When it works, he thinks that he has more leverage. West wants to keep rel good with Sovietiets. Agree to disarm Germany, de Nazify. Soviet want reparations, want to strip Germany clean of valuables. In the end America pays. Never negotiate a peace treaty with Russia. Germany true source of disagreement. Iran - during war Us-Br-Soviet had all occupied it and agreed to release it after the war. Route for lend lease. By 1945 more Russian troops there. The demonstrations Tudeh. Want independence. UN council tells Russia to get out immediately. March- Russia send armored division outside and Us issue warning which causes Soviet to back down. Turkey - russia pressure on gov to give the access to passage Black Sea out of Mediterranean to Bosphorus. Sea of Mamara. Initally, truman supports Russians but seeing other things they do and the war games outside Turkey to scare them tell him otherwise. Send FDR aircraft carrier. Russians back off and they complain about US help non-communists in Greece. Nuclear Weapons Discussion Acheson - Lilienthal report - Issue international control. UN would have control and inspection rights. No more nuclear weapons research. Not received well. Igor Kurchetov not like it??? Baruch Plan
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FINAL - After WWII Us is the most powerful country in the...

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