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Republican Government

Republican Government - Republican Government 200 BC Romans...

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Republican Government 200 BC- Romans stated writing down government Romans never had a written constitution- evolved through time fully established, complicated, and 300 years old never wanted to write down the laws- could make it more flexible Polybius- 150 BC- Greek- taken captive by Romans and taken as a hostage- became friends w/ powerful Roman families- admired Roman government- wrote why the Romans were so powerful and special Polybius admired the government- perfect blend of 3 kinds of government- monarchy, democracy, and aristocracy monarchy- power of consul- were superior to all other officials except for the tribunes of the plebes- tribunes were literally untouchable and had the power of veto- any one tribune could veto the action of a consul consuls could consult w/ the senate and implement the decisions- had absolute power in war- in the city they were the leading political official- outside the city, they were generals and could inflict punishment on a citizen w/o any trial
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