Italy Before Rome

Italy Before Rome - Italy Before Rome not a naturally...

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Italy Before Rome not a naturally unified country modern Italy- secessionist movement due to geography- highly mountainous not very wide Sicily- south of Italy- separated from Italy by Strait of Messina- more connected to the Med than Italy- bridge between Italy and North Africa Sardinia- part of Italy Corsica- part of France 7% Italy is plains- rest is mountainous Alps- tallest mountain range- separated Italy from Europe- few passes- insulated Italy from attack from north- some historic exemptions Apennines- from NW down through central Italy into Sicily- continue in to NA- parts of central Italy breach 10,000 feet isolated coast of Adriatic from tyrrhenian sea appears Italy will be easily defeated- mountains make it difficult- hard for Romans and for Allies in WWII plains are valuable Po River Valley- longest river- home to wide plain- fertile- agriculturally productive- separated from Italy by Apennines- romans considered it a part of Gaul- had to be processed for farmland- forests and swamps Apulia- toe part of italy- plains on coast- more in common with the Balkins west coast- most important area in ancient times- fertile, open lowlands- volcanos on west coast- ash leads to fertile soil- could travel north to south with relative
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Italy Before Rome - Italy Before Rome not a naturally...

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