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Entourage Management Group Concept Paper Our interaction with Virtual Leader was a great way to put a physical action to the terms that we learned in class and from our readings. We related the first meeting with Oli to three different concepts. We found that “Fundamental Attribution Bias”, “Self Serving Bias” & “Decision making styles”, jumped out while playing through Scenario 1. The fundamental attribution bias reflects ones tendency to attribute another persons behavior to his/her personal characteristics as opposed to situational factors. In Virtual Leader, Oli commits the fundamental attribution bias by thinking that Corey’s perception is that he has less potential than he does. He perceives Corey’s orders as an insult. Oli does not understand that Corey is trying to take control of a brand new position with no introduction to his surroundings by his superiors. Instead, he confuses Corey’s direct orders as a character flaw. When we did the virtual leader the first time, if one of us would get a very high
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