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Alex Gase ACC 361 Extra Credit Richard Smucker- Capitalism and Peanut Butter Mr. Smucker is the President and Co-CEO of JM Smucker’s Company, he is also the Director of Sherwin-Williams Company and served on Miami University’s Board of trustees until last year (he is also an alumnus of Miami University). In his speech he spoke about how important ethics is in business. He spoke of the dichotomy between what is legal and what is ethical and how they can be different. We should also sway to the side of what is ethical rather than the latter, because actions may be legal, but they may not also be right/legal. He also made a very interesting comment by saying we [students] should also strive to learn why we do something and its impact on society rather than what we do or how we do it. He said that is an integral part of decision-making in business. Another component of a successful business, Smucker said, is a strong set of core values and beliefs that the employees and
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Unformatted text preview: constituents should live out every day. Many times these values are set up but overlooked in daily operations, mostly by the journey for fame and profit. He then provided an example of Norman Borlaug, a deceased agronomist who lived a selfless life saving possibly a billion lives with the research and production of hybrid crops. Smucker said when Borlaug died in September of 2009 in his obituary in the Wall Street Journal they claimed he may have saved more lives than any other person who has ever lived. Despite this laudable claim, very few have ever heard of him. This demonstrates Smucker’s point of living a selfless, ethical life without needing fame. I thought this to be most interesting because although he lived an un-famous life he helped an enormous amount of people, which should be the only glory which we should all seek in life....
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