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Cannondale, Rolex and Huffy

Cannondale, Rolex and Huffy - Alex Gase MGT 302 Paper...

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Alex Gase MGT 302 Paper Assignment #1- Intro Paper 1. What is the name and web site address of the company? I researched three different firms across two different industries and two different competitive strategies in their product branding. One such company is the high-quality bicycle manufacturing and assembling firm, Cannondale. Their website is located at the following address: http://www.cannondale.com/ . The firm that I felt had similar competitive priorities in a different industry was Rolex; their website address is located at http://www.rolex.com/en#/home#pearlmaster . Finally, the firm that is in the bicycle manufacturing industry that had contrasting competitive branding as Cannondale is the low-cost bicycle producing company, Huffy Corporation. Their website is located at http://www.huffy.com/Default.aspx . 2. What is their product service bundle? Cannondale’s product-service bundle includes the basic amenities that a typical manufactured and assembled consumer good would and should include (based upon current consumer expectations). According to their website in the policies section all of their bicycles include a limited and unlimited warranty with various and esoteric stipulations. Cannondale bicycles are guaranteed sold in a completely assembled state which is adding value to the finished product. The bicycles are also adjusted at each retail center to better fit the consumer. In addition, each purchased bicycle is given a 30 day service period to make sure the bicycle is safe and comfortable to ride for each consumer. Rolex’s product-service bundle could be viewed as somewhat analogous to Cannondale’s except in a different industry. Rolex’s bundle includes researching more innovative and effective ways to produce their watches. One example is the oscillator used in their watches. It was created by Rolex engineers and the state of the art oscillator that guarantees the accuracy ( http://www.rolex.com/en#/world-of-rolex/about-rolex/parachrom-hairspring ). Both Rolex and Cannondale are not permitted to be sold over the internet but only through their specified distributors/retailers, which adds to the exclusivity that heightens their luxurious appeal. Huffy’s bundle consists of completely assembled bicycle at any of their distribution centers and retail stores such as Walmart, but their bikes also may be sold with assembly required if bought directly from Huffy corporation, which is one of many reasons why they are lower priced bicycles. Huffy also gives you access (included in the warranty) to any of their 180 authorized repair centers.
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