Lecture 4 - -Brazil-after 1550-West Indies-after 1650 A....

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Lecture 4: Slavery in Early America What did slave trade entail? How did slavery evolve? I. Slave Trade A. South Atlantic System -at least 10 million Africans brought to Americas -million more died en route -new agricultural and commercial system -sugar, tobacco, rice -plantation societies -ruled by European B. Role of Sugar -huge demand for slaves in Brazil & Caribbean -Portuguese -sugar to Atlantic islands off of Africa
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Unformatted text preview: -Brazil-after 1550-West Indies-after 1650 A. South Atlantic System-brought wealth to British (European) economy-West Indies planters lived in London-Navigation Acts-funneled wealth to Britain-1750: reshipments of American sugar and tobacco-1/2 of Britains exports-profits from slave trade-1790s:-Britain exported 300,000 guns/year to Africa-British ship: 300-350 slaves every 2 days...
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