Lecture 15

Lecture 15 - C Jefferson’s Agrarian Vision-Democratic...

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Lecture 15: The First New Nation I. Forging a New Government A. George Washington -what to refer to him as B. Bill of Rights -freedom of press, speech, religion -trial by jury and due process -forbade unreasonable search and seizure -protected against self-incrimination -very significant, important -broader base of support for government C. Departments and Courts -Departments: State, Treasury, War -Judiciary Act of 1789: 13 federal district courts; 3 Circuit Courts; Supreme Court D. Revenue and Trade -Tariff Act 1789 -protectionist II. The First Party System: Federalists and Republicans -Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804 -born in West Indies, illegitimate, orphan when teenager A. Hamilton’s Finanacial Program -issue of the public financial program -new interest-bearing bonds -assume $21.5 million in states’ war debts (much more controversial) -National Bank -lightening rod for issue of federal power B. Whiskey Rebellion -excise taxes (specific tax) -Whiskey Law – March 1791 -Whiskey Rebellion – 1794
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Unformatted text preview: C. Jefferson’s Agrarian Vision-Democratic Republicans-agricultural society based on free labor-America would supply food and raw materials; Europe would supply manufactures D. French Revolution Divides Americans-Revolution of 1789-French democratic republic, 1792-Democratic political clubs emulated Jacobins-Louis XVI + 17,000 others executed III. The Last Federalist Administration A. XYZ Affair 1797-French naval ships interfering with American ships in the Caribbean-3 American ambassadors sent to French to negotiate-only successful if paid money and bribes-fuel for Federalists-Quasi War 1798-call for navy and army B. Alien and Sedition Acts 1798-Naturalization Act-Alien Act-Alien Enemies Act-Sedition Act C. The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions-States’ rights interpretation of the Constitution-offered possibility of nullification D. Election of 1800-Thomas Jefferson called election The “Revolution of 1800”...
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Lecture 15 - C Jefferson’s Agrarian Vision-Democratic...

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