Budget - $730 billion-Medicare $491 billion-Medicaid $297...

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Budget Where the money comes from: -individual income taxes $1.1 trillion -corporate income taxes $297 billion -social security and other payroll taxes $934 billion -excise taxes $74 billion -estate and gift taxes $25 billion -customs duties $27 billion -other $87 billion Total Revenue: $2.57 trillion Where the money goes: -defense (discretionary) $895 billion -other discretionary $520 billion -social security (mandatory)
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Unformatted text preview: $730 billion-Medicare $491 billion-Medicaid $297 billion Congress-approval rating: 20%-run for re-election: 95%-individual level: like what our representative is doing, but not what the whole is doing-local vs. national House of Representatives 1. Size (collective action) 2. Partisanship 3. Coordination 4. Dispute Resolution 5. Individualism 6. Information...
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