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Electoral College

Electoral College - -January 3 2009-first act of the new...

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3.7.11 Methods of Selecting the President -Congressional selection (preferred option) -appealing aspects -elitism -easier (less people) -president held accountable to Congress -Direct election -Indirect election The Electoral College -assignment of electors -same as Congress: equal to number of representatives sent to Congress -lowest number: 3 -method of selection -state legislature choose any method -eligibility -rules of the system -majority requirement -contingency procedures and the Unit Rule -all of the representatives from a geographic unit must cast one vote -“winner take all” Basics -Spring/Summer 2008 -Georgia GOP and Democratic Party each nominate 15 electors -November 4, 2008 -cast a vote, technically for the electors representing each candidate -December 15, 2008 -41 days after election, electors met in Capitol to formally vote
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Unformatted text preview: -January 3, 2009-first act of the new Congress was to certify EV from state legislatures Purpose-what the Founders really wanted-a system where it isn’t possible to get a majority-the “buffer” against democracy-every state matters-dispersion of power outside Washington Evolution of the System-parties-failure of the “council” idea-popular selection of electors-how many states must a candidate win to become president? Complexity-two-stage process-faithless electors-“rogue legislatures”-corruption and lack of regulation-extended tiebreaking procedures in the House 3.7.11 Reflection-EC intended to:-make every state relevant-form a deliberative body-throw most elections into Congress-adds significant complexity without obvious benefits...
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Electoral College - -January 3 2009-first act of the new...

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