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Interest Groups

Interest Groups - -opposing interests will eventually...

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4.4.11 Interest Groups American Automobile Association -lobbying Congress and state legislatures with money received by customers -reduce funding for public transportation -reduce regulations for cars -pave more roads Introduction -Federalist #10 -Madison’s warning about “dangerous factions” -parties and interest groups are factions -motivated by self-interest -parties have the same motive as interest groups -goal: influence public policy -direct (parties) vs. indirect (IGs) influence -tactics -electioneering -lobbying: influence all aspects of policy (not just contesting elections) Was Madison right? -example: farming/agriculture trade groups -any product grown/produced in United States has a group representing it -goals: -increase or maintain government subsidies -block foreign competition -reduce costly regulations Basics -united by a common interest -most are defined narrowly -pluralism -free democratic society in which people can form groups for their interests
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Unformatted text preview: -opposing interests will eventually create guidelines-represent multiple views on well-known issues-example: pro-life vs. pro-choice Who?-affects everyone-Americans are the world’s biggest “joiners”-organized by common interest:-economic-equal rights (race, gender, etc.)-public interest Why?-role of interest groups could be done by parties, the media, individual citizens-logic of collective action:-common threats-advantages of pooling resources-effective leadership 4.4.11 Problems-benefits are rarely exclusive-free riding-irrational to contribute if benefits are free-must provide an exclusive benefit-material-fellowship-psychological-provide something that only you will benefit from How?-lobby (inside strategy)-target supporters or convert new ones-publicize (outside strategy)-indirect lobbying-educate-monitor-offer alternatives-members of Congress are busy, legislation written by interest groups...
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Interest Groups - -opposing interests will eventually...

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