President - 2.28.11 The

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2.28.11 The President -HCR -Iraq -Palin -Immigration -Energy -Education -Economy -Infrastructure -Terrorism -Veto: can’t exercise independently -C.i.C: Congress declares war, President declares war -Treaties: advisement **Pardon -only power that is independent -tend to pardon people when last week in office -public opinion not really a factor -Appointment: advisement -Judges -Cabinet -Ambassadors -Bureaucracy -Convene Congress: ceremonial, no importance -President doesn’t really have a lot of power -not a lot of power to follow through -people expect that the President do more than he can actually do Responsibilities -report to Congress -foreign policy -execute laws -“Take Care” Clause -protect -more responsibilities than tools -Founding Fathers scared of creating an executive that would become another monarch -originally presidency was supposed to be handled by a counsel -three person Presidency -water down the ability of President to become a monarch -Alexander Hamilton: convinced to have unitary -much easier to accomplish responsibilities with only one person
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2.28.11 -three people need to find consensus
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President - 2.28.11 The

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