Brain - -amygdala: emotion regulation (fear)-limbic...

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BRAIN Glia -support cells -physical support (framework) -nutrients (oxygen and glucose out of blood vessels) -insulation -phagocytosis (processing and eating away dead cells) -cell migration Neurons -messenger cells (communicate) -NTs – chemical substances -DA -5HT -NE **look up stuff about neurotransmitters and signals and EVERYTHING -models with neurons Phineas Gage -rod through frontal cortex -reduced -inhibitions -self-concern Neuropathological Theories -brain change causes SZ -structure -function Brain Structure -large cerebral ventricles -fluid-filled spaces -MRI -100 studies -15% larger -grey matter loss -temporal lobe -decreased volume -hippocampus: memory
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Unformatted text preview: -amygdala: emotion regulation (fear)-limbic system-info integration-hippocampus, amygdala-5-10% decrease-diseases causes SZ-type sxs-hippocampus-learning, memory-amygdala-emotion Prefrontal Cortex-SZ-negative sxs-neuropsych deficits-less resting blood flow-less activation blood flow-Ingvar & Franzen (1974)-PET to study CBF (cerebral blood flow)-SZ less blood flow at resting-hypofrontality (frontal brain less activity)-associated with negative sxs-Weinberger & Berman (1988)-WCST-SZ perseveration errors-normal: increased BF during task-SZ no increase-chronic-first episode...
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Brain - -amygdala: emotion regulation (fear)-limbic...

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