Neurotransmitters - Neurotransmitters Neurons-messenger...

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Neurotransmitters Neurons -messenger cells -Neurotransmitters -Monoamines -GLU (acts as a neurotransmitter) Neurotransmitters -monoamines -Catecholamines -dopamine (DA) -norepinephrine (NE) -epinephrine (EPI) -indolamines -serotonin (5-HT) Neural Communication -axons and terminal buttoms -synapsing on dendrites -cell body -dendrite extensions -all information averaged at axon (if reach threshold) -ternimal button -electrical potential caused by ions coming across ion -signal released from terminal button to synapse -picked up by receptor Synapse -electrical potential -synaptic vesicle lands on membrane -releases neurotransmitter into synapse -lands in receptor NT Release -receptor wait for neurotransmitter -open a channel into postsynaptic neuron NT -presynaptic neuron -diffuses -receptor -opens channels DA Hypothesis -SZ – people with SZ has increased DA (dopamine) -Weinberger’s modified hypothesis -too much in mesolimbic -too little in mesocortical History of SZ treatment -pre-1950s: lobotomy -cut out part of the brain
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Neurotransmitters - Neurotransmitters Neurons-messenger...

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