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Paranoid Type - 2.3.11 Paranoid Type -may have better...

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2.3.11 Paranoid Type -may have better prognosis than other subtypes of SZ -occupational functioning -independent living -later onset Undifferentiated Type -meets criteria for SZ without meeting criteria for -catatonic -disorganized -paranoid Residual Type Criteria A) absence of prominent delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, and grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior B) continuing evidence of the disturbance -presence of negative symptoms -2 or more SZ Criterion A symptoms -in attenuated (dampened) form Schizophreniform Disorder -psychotic sxs that don’t fully meet criteria but look like SZ -two conditions -“without qualification” - after recovery - did not last long enough -“provisional” -while waiting for recovery -still waiting to see if transfers to SZ -meets Criteria A for schizophrenia -total duration not met -greater than 1 month, less than 6 months -Criteria B not necessarily met -social and occupational functioning Schizophreniform Criteria A) With good prognostic features (2 or more) -onset within 4 weeks of behavioral change -confusion during psychosis -good premorbid functioning -absence of flat/blunted affect B) Without good prognostic features Schizoaffective Disorder -Period of psychosis during which -mood episode concurrent with SZ sxs -mood sxs for substantial proportion of total duration of episode
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Paranoid Type - 2.3.11 Paranoid Type -may have better...

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