Group Productivity Losses

Group Productivity Losses - -persuasion vs...

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Group Productivity Losses -situations in which people working in groups makes them accomplish less -coordination -less coordinated, result in productivity loss -motivation -people try less -group project -loafing most likely to happen if contributions are anonymous or the loafer does not care about the social consequences Group Polarization -originally uncovered in business research -have a group of people get together and discuss something that they have an opinion about -if you have a group of people that generally agree on something that they’re discussing, as they discuss the issue, their opinions will tend to become more polarized -go more in the direction that they were already in
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Unformatted text preview: -persuasion vs. appearance-persuasion-as you’re talking about something, you hear arguments from other people in the group that you’ve never heard before, if convincing, your attitude will change-if more pro than anti, or vice versa, will hear more of one side of argument-the minority group will be less likely to talk or voice their opinion if there is a majority-if in the majority, will hear more of the majority opinion, shift more towards majority-appearance-public effect-one upsmanship-as discussion goes on, if you think having a certain opinion will impress the group, will have that certain opinion (how they appear in front of the majority)...
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