HSM 260 Week 8 Checkpoint Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity

HSM 260 Week 8 Checkpoint Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity

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HSM 260 Week 8 Checkpoint: Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity Nonprofit organizations need funds that can be acquired by fund raising to create support from other organization with volunteers and finances to be the most common. Local donors and local support can create awareness in the community. Many people do not understand the concept of a nonprofit organization and what it entails. The awareness of the community will give such information on the program and what it is trying to accomplish. An organization could have several traditional approaches to develop funds such as donations, fund-raising events, campaigns, auctions, and walk-a-thons. Many companies in the community will donate to the organization to lower their tax rates. Advertising is another option
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Unformatted text preview: to let other communities be aware of needs of the organization. An art gallery will show talents of individuals to the community and provide income to the organization. A walk-a-thon can be done in a popular area for awareness of and knowledge of the organization. Nontraditional ways for an organization to produce income is corporations through marketing, commercial ventures, or other programs. Supermarkets, stores, vendors can benefit all parties involved and satisfaction of contributing to a cause. Many people leave money by a bequest program for an organization in their wills. Sales of handcrafts materials are also a benefit to the organization in acquiring funds through the arts and crafts produced by individuals in the program....
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