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Microbio - MIBO3500 Exam I Dustman Fall 2008(Score recorded...

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MIBO3500 Exam I Dustman - Fall 2008 (Score recorded as % earned out of 40 points possible) MULTIPLE CHOICE: There is only one answer for each question. Each question is worth one point and there are 20 points available in this section. 1. A student is performing a Gram stain on a sample that they are told has both Gram negative AND Gram positive bacteria. However, when looking at the final product, the only color that is seen is a pink/red. Which of the following did the student forget to add to the sample in order to ensure that both the Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria would appear. a) Acidified Alcohol b) Heat c) 95% Ethanol d) Gram's Iodine 2. You’ve extracted and purified some chemical components from the cell wall of a novel bacterium. Your results demonstrate the presence of high level of mycolic acids. Based on this information, which of the following characteristics would you hypothesize to belong to this organism? 2. You have discovered three fictional microorganisms and want to determine which two are most closely related. A and B are circular, and C is triangular. A and B both possess a flagellum for motility, while C does not contain one. Upon sequencing rRNA of areas with high rates of mutation, it is found that fewer differences exist between the sequences of A and C, while B is very different from both. According to modern methods of taxonomy which two are most closely related? 3. A Gram stain is performed on a bacterial species known to be Gram negative. However, the student forgets to perform the decolorizer (95% ethanol) step. What would be the color of the bacteria's stain if the rest of the Gram stain procedure is carried out properly? 1
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MIBO3500 Exam I Dustman - Fall 2008 (Score recorded as % earned out of 40 points possible) 4. Raphael designs a bacteriological medium that contains the following ingredients: Na 2 SO 4 , MgSO 4 , yeast extract, agar, and distilled water and is adjusted to pH 4. This formula produces a media which can be BEST described as _____. a) defined and differential b) defined and selective c) defined, selective, and differential d) complex and differential e) complex and selective f) complex, selective, and differential
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