Test 2 Fall 2008 - MIBO3500 Exam 2 Fall 2008 Dustman 40 pts...

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MIBO3500 Exam 2 Fall 2008 Dustman 40 pts (recorded as %) Multiple Choice – 1 pt each 1. Regarding fermentation, which of the following is a FALSE statement? a. Fermentation proceeds whether O 2 is absent or present. b. Fermentation is a strictly catabolic form of metabolism. c. GTP produced in fermentation is quickly converted to ATP by substrate level phosphorylation. d. The process of fermentation occurs within the cytoplasm of prokaryotes. 2. The photosynthetic pigments found in cyanobacteria are _____ a. bacteriochlorophyll and phycobilliproteins b. chlorophyll a and phycobilliproteins c. only chlorophyll a d. only bactriochlorophyll 3. In the biosynthesis of lipids, which of the following catabolic processes can be interrupted to supply compounds for the biosynthesis of fatty acids? a. TCA cycle b. transition step c. glycolysis d. more than one of the above, but not all 4. What is the function of a Rho protein? a. to help terminate transcription b. to stop translation of polypeptides c. to initiate transcription d. to promote ribosome complex formation 5. A template strand of DNA has this sequence: 5’ ACGTCAGGGCAT 3’. Which of the following sequences would be the transcription product of this template? a. 3’ TGCAGTCCCGTA 5’ b. 3’ UGCAGUCCCGUA 5’ c. 5’ TGCAGTCCCGTA 3’ d. 5’ UGCAGUCCCGUA 3’ 6. Which of the following reactions do not produce ATP as their product? a. Glycolysis b. TCA cycle c. Gluconeogenesis d. Electron transport chain 1
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MIBO3500 Exam 2 Fall 2008 Dustman 40 pts (recorded as %) 7. Polycistronic refers to _____. a. mRNA that will be translated into two or more individual polypeptide chains b. two or more ribosomes that are actively translating the same piece of mRNA at the same time c. the presence of both a promoter and operator sequence in the cistron d. the necessity for introns to be excised from prokaryotic mRNA prior to its translation 8. Which of the following is the function of the operator sequence? a. Serves as a regulatory site for binding of repressors b. Acts as a binding site for ribosome complex formation c. Causes the termination of translation to occur d. Serves as an enzyme binding site to initiate transcription 9. In the initiation step of translation, which of the following occurs? a. tRNA brings an amino acid into the A site of the translational domain b. n-formyl methionine is bound into the P site of the translational domain c. release factors begin to degrade mRNA that has already been translated d. the sigma factor moves the ribosome complex one codon down the mRNA 10. In DNA replication, which of the following statements is FALSE ? a. Each copy of the chromosome is comprised of one parental DNA strand and one newly synthesized strand of DNA. b.
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Test 2 Fall 2008 - MIBO3500 Exam 2 Fall 2008 Dustman 40 pts...

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