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YOUR INITIALS _______ Gene3200 – Exam 5 – Westpheling Entire student number ___________________________ Please use non-erasable INK ONLY. For the multiple choice questions please circle the correct answers and do so unambiguously. For the short answer questions please write legibly (if we can’t read it we can’t grade it). 1. (5pts) P-elements in Drosophila a. are transcriptional activators b. are transcriptional repressors c. are transposons d. are a primary cause of hybrid dysgenesis which often results in sterility e. may lead to chromosomal breaks in matings between parents one of which lacks P-elements 2. (5pts) Aneuploidy a. is always lethal b. is sometimes an advantage c. may result from nondisjunction during meiosis d. may result from nondisjuncton during mitosis e. is an extrememly rare event in humans as evidenced by the small number of aneuploid individuals (5pts) 3. The presence of transposable elements, retrotransposons and retroviruses leads to chromosomal deletions, insertions and rearrangements. How? they provide regions of homology that allow recombination between and within non-homologous chromosomes 4. (5pts) Which of the following may be used as a selection? a. the blue color generated by the cleavage of X-gal by β -galactosidase b. proline prototrophy c. proline auxotrophy d. penicillin resistance e. penicillin sensitivity 5. (3pts) Which is the most abundant RNA in the cell at any given time? a. rRNA b. mRNA c. tRNA 6. (3pts) The analysis of the lac operon described in your textbook is an example of a. using recombination to analyse dominance b. using marker replacement to determine the effect of regulatory regions c. a complementation test 7. (2pts) F’ plasmids are most similar to a. generalized transducing phage b. specialized transducing phage
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8. (7pts) The effect of a hormone binding to a receptor protein to modulate transcription by DNA binding is most similar to a. the lac repressor binding the lac operator b. cAMP binding to CRP c. lactose binding to the lac repressor d. attenuation of the trp operon e. binding of tryptophan to the trp repressor f. binding of arabinose to AraC g. binding of galactose to Gal80 9. (4 pts) Of the following, which is the most important feature of mRNA with respect to gene regulation? (one answer) a. it is single stranded b. it has extensive secondary structure c. it is inherently unstable d. it contains uracil instead of adenine 10. (5pts) During the process of Bacillus sporulation, gene regulation is accomplished by the production of a. completely new RNA polymerases b. new sigma proteins that recognize all classes of promoters, including sporulation promoters c. new sigma proteins that recognize specific classes of promoters that result in sporulation d. new initiation factors that redirect translation to the synthesis of sporulation proteins e. two different cell types For the DNA molecule below and the mRNA molecule below it. If the mRNA is made from this DNA 3’ ____________________________ 5’
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examV - YOUR INITIALS _ Gene3200 Exam 5 Westpheling Entire...

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