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02-02-2010_Realism_to_Liberalism_for_moodle - Realism to...

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Realism to Liberalism 2 February 2010 1025.001 1
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Extra credit option Extra credit: worth up to 3% on your midterm exam Visit the " almos(t)here: New Bearings from Contemporary Artists in Europe " exhibit at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery (405 21st Ave. S. Minneapolis). Due date : on or before Tuesday, February 16. Do the following: 1. Pick a work of art. Choose one that you can relate to the course materials. 2. Describe this work of art. Be both descriptive (what does the piece depict and how-- ie. the medium) and analytic (what specific aspects of the composition strike you as important and why? What is the artist trying to accomplish?) 3. Put this material in conversation with the course. In particular, I am interested in your analysis of how the piece on which you focus complicates or corroborates what you have learned so far in the course. (You should focus on globalization, history, or at least one of the theoretical perspectives).
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