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exam3 - Study Guide Exam III GEOG 1403 Biogeography of the...

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Study Guide: Exam III GEOG 1403: Biogeography of the Global Garden, Fall 2010 Exam: Friday November 19 at 11:15 in Willey 175 ****NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT ALL INCLUSIVE OF THE MATERIALS WE HAVE COVERED IN LECTURE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING WE’VE DISCUSSED IN CLASS AND MATERIALS IN ASSIGNED READINGS **** Additional Readings/Websites for this Exam: 1. Morell, V. 2007. Aspens return to Yellowstone, with help from some wolves. Science , 317: 438-439. 2. Nash, J.M. 2003. Fireproofing the forests. Time Magazine, 162(7, August 18): 52-55. 3. Quammen, D. 1996. Chapters in The Song of the Dodo . Scribner, New York, The Niche and other issues Principle of limiting factors, zone of the optimum, zone of stress, zone of intolerance Generalist versus specialist Source versus sink and population demography (where are births/deaths higher and why). Species Interactions: Competition and Predation What are intraspecific and interspecific competition and how to they influence populations and organisms What are the two main classes of interspecific interactions?
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