ENG-226wk3 - Romanticism disestablished the rationalist...

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Edward Petrow Professor Kuhta ENG-226 27 March 2011 Revolution and Romanticism in Europe and America Jean-Jacques Rousseau was part of the 18 th century Romanticism; he was considered the high priest of romanticism. He was a writer, composer and philosopher. Much of the earliest romantic nationalism was vastly inspired by Rousseau. Romanticism valued intuition, feeling, passion, imagination and spontaneity; it rejected proportion, simplicity and restraint. Rousseau was key in this, as well as his political philosophy heavily inspired the French and American Revolution. Romanticism is not an easy term to define; it is often thought or described as an overlapping set of ideas and/ or values as stated above. Rousseau saw the presence of god in his creation, which directly reflects romanticism. This thought anticipates the attitudes of the 19 th century romanticism, towards nature and religion. Rousseau says, “I am not made like any of those I have seen; I venture to believe I am not made like any of those who are in existence.” (JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU 662)
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Unformatted text preview: Romanticism disestablished the rationalist view of the universe as a machine with the analogue of an "organic" image, a living tree or mankind itself. Rousseau was very self indulged, but he has weakness and inconsistency, in that he alludes to telling us all his secrets about himself in his writings. He describes himself as a natural phenomenon, which is what romantics of the time gave greater attention to describing. He says he is a natural phenomenon, but at the same time is also interested in people being natural, which also alludes to the romanticism idea. A common theme of romanticism is Passion. Rousseau had this in himself and his views. Rousseau felt that a certain kinds of passion where necessary for a healthy political society. Much of Rousseau`s writings about political matters do not implicitly speak about passion, such as his writings on passion, but you can get a sense of how greatly he beholds his philosophical political views....
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ENG-226wk3 - Romanticism disestablished the rationalist...

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