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MGT_301_MOD1_assigment - things are going as they should...

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1.     They did the assessment studies to show that they care about their employees and their  respective   productivity.   Their   resolution   was   also   creative   so   the   employees   could  concentrate on core tasks versus monotonous or repetitive ones. 2.      Remote   management   always   magnifies   managerial   challenges   due   to   time,  communication and even language barriers.  Each function would be utilized: Planning —is needed to define the organization’s goals with a strategy for achieving  them  Organizing —would be needed to determine what tasks are to be done, who they will be  assigned to, the reporting structure and who would make the final decisions.   Leading —Motivating employees selecting the best communication channel would be  imperative. Controlling —would be the most difficult function in a global setting, to ensure that 
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Unformatted text preview: things are going as they should, such as performance, and correcting the process if necessary. Managers would need good communication, organizational and time-management skills. 3. It normally would not be as effective with a first line manager since he/she is just learning how to become an effective manager in the organization and honing his/her skills. The global element places more complexity on the situation, so new managers or lower level supervisors need to gain experience before new issues are interjected. 4. Yes, organizations can benefit from the global marketplace and maximize the potential of their people by minimizing the repetitive tasks and replacing them with more critical elements like critical thinking, analysis, strategizing, creative time, etc....
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