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1. According to the reading the “Disney Difference” is “High-quality creative content, backed up by a clear strategy for maximizing that contents value across platforms and markets.” If Disney can find a better way to market products this could be a financial acceleration for them. 2. Business in a foreign country is always difficult. Most certainly in a country like Russia. I am in fact a Russian male, and we are very proud and do not really feel we need outside influence. Also, if do proper planning and case studies to find out the best way to appeal to
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Unformatted text preview: the demographics they can be successful. Strategic and long term planning will be a must here. 3. The company could set sales goals after the expansion is complete. They may set internal growth goals. Directional and specific plans will be a must. 4. The SMP is a six step process that encompasses strategy planning, implementation, and evaluation. In order for Disney to keep that magic coming, they will most certainly have to stay with the times and continue to plan and implement according to consumer trends and history....
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