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1. The cross-functional teams aided in understanding and better communication. Everyone got the 'big picture' with some creative thoughts. The employees also meshed as a team for better productivity. 2. Some challenges could be resistance to change or believing the way the former company had done things was superior. People that are used to a certain function, or doing a job a certain way, may resist, or have difficulty adapting to new functions. A manager is going to have to know how to see this, and then also help to mitigate the stress level. Managers need to focus on the benefits of the new unified company. 3. Each of these will impact the effectiveness of the teams. A role refers to behavior patterns expected of someone who occupies a given position in a social unit each employee will play an important role in the team. Norms are acceptable standards that are shared by the group’s members. New norms will be created for the combined company, so employees will understand the requirements and
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